Social Emotional Development and the use of the Pyramid Model in a Head Start Prek Collaboration Program

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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)




This research examines the implementation of the Pyramid Model for social emotional development (Center for Social Emotional Foundations and Early Learning, 2017) in a Head Start Prek collaboration program. CSEFEL (2013) indicates social emotional issues as a leading cause of preschool expulsion. Children were pre- and post- tested using two standardized measures of social-emotional development over the course of the year during which the Pyramid model was implemented. Overall, teachers noted improved social-emotional skills for both Head Start and non-Head Start groups. However, parents of Head Start students were more likely to report a decrease in social-emotional risks than non-Head Start parents. Study findings suggest that implementation of the model was more effective in improving social-emotional behavior, especially for group situations for at-risk students.


Affiliation: Southern Kennebec Child Development Corporation