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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)




This study investigated what key factors influence the decision of parents and guardians in preschool program selection. The participants were parents/guardians of a small NAEYC accredited child care center located in New England. If high-quality preschools do not meet the desires and needs of the families they are serving, then the parents/guardians will be less likely to enroll their children in the program. (Glenn-Applegate, Justice, & Kaderavek. 2016). The results indicated that quality is the most important factor in the participant’s decision to enroll their child in the program. Other factors that influenced the decision were curriculum, and education of teachers. The results of this work will help aid preschool programs, policy makers, and researchers in creating programs to meet the needs of the community. The results will also raise awareness of the many perspectives that parents have when it comes to preschool quality.


Affiliation: Essential Learning Solutions



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