Parent and Teacher Perceptions on the Use of Mobile Applications for Communication

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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)




Teachers are constantly searching for ways to increase communication with parents as a way to involve parents in their child’s education. “Electronic correspondence can be quite nonofficial (informal); this is in accord with the individual needs of a substantial portion of parents, and it encourages them to be involved.” (Kosaretskii, 2013, p. 84). This study utilized survey research to determine parental attitude toward the mobile app, Class Dojo, as a tool for communicating with their child’s classroom teacher. Participants were surveyed using a 5 point Likert-type scale. The purpose was to determine if parent involvement and communication increased while using digital methods of communication. Results showed parents favored the mobile app as a way of communicating, but cited they only checked the application when they had received a notification. Educators are encouraged to utilize all aspects the app has to offer to notice greater parent involvement.