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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership


This mixed-method research study examines the scale of technology initiatives, funding options, and the implementation of technology in the classroom in grades four and five in schools in the state of Maine. In this research study, an overwhelming percentage of the fifty eight schools that responded to a quantitative google survey, offer one-to-one technology to their 4th and 5th grade students. A high percentage of those schools are funding their technology initiatives with district funds. Forty nine teachers of the represented schools responded to a qualitative google survey, and it was found that technology is being used extensively in the classroom to teach and supplement curriculum. Recommendations for school administrators in Maine, are to create a technology plan that includes funding a one-to-one technology initiative for grades four and five, and also include the provision of professional development opportunities for teachers, in order to best implement the technology initiative into the classroom.


Affiliation: MSAD#1

Cohort: Aroostook Cohort



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