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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership


While there is increasing research surrounding kindergarten transitions there is still a need to explore kindergarten transition guides and families perceptions of these particular experiences. This study explores family perceptions of a kindergarten transition program guide. Furthermore, the study examines families’ prior experiences with kindergarten transitions as they relate to being a part of a new specific kindergarten transition program. The researcher implements pre and post meetings with families surrounding an “All About Kindergarten” parent night. Additionally, surveys are distributed to those who participated in aspects of the transition process. An interview takes place to gain further insight. The conclusions comprise of: 1) Transitions are important to consider not only for the child but for the families as well. 2) It is beneficial to speak in person with a preschool and kindergarten teacher during the transition process. 3) Preschool programs should consider a transition guide that links with public schools.


Affiliation: Morrison Center



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