Date of Award


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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership


This mixed-methods study seeks to better understand how teachers, students, and student coaches (tutors) perceive and use the Foxcroft Academy Writing Center. Surveys for each population, as well as interviews with a teacher, a coach, a native-speaker of English and an non-native speaker of English, were conducted in order to gather data about how different members of the learning community view and engage with the writing center. Findings revealed that teachers and students perceive the writing center to be a support service for help with grammar and other technical English conventions, but also believe that the writing center can help students develop their ideas and arguments within their writing. Coaches and teachers agree that idea development is essential, but teachers place far more value on grammar than coaches do. Results also suggest that teacher recommended and required visits drive the majority of the traffic to the writing center. Recommendations include better and more consistent communication between the writing center program and the faculty to facilitate a more accurate understanding of the center's mission, as well as a larger discussion between and amongst faculty about what elements of writing are most valued when grading.


Affiliation: Foxcroft Academy

Cohort: UMF Campus Cohort



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