Perceptions of Adult Education: Two Case Studies From A Community Corrections Program

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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership


A form of alternative sentencing, community corrections programs require adults to check in with a supervisor and participate in employment, counseling and/or educational programming. This qualitative research project focused on two women sentenced to Somerset County Community Corrections Program (SCCCP) and sought to understand their perspective on personal educational needs, goals and individual efficacy in furthering their education. Administrators involved in SCCCP and the local adult education program were also surveyed about their perspective on educational programming within SCCCP and whether access to educational information and opportunities was appropriate. Findings indicate that for participants, education is perceived as a highly desired opportunity and presents specific challenges each individual must address. Stakeholders also value educational opportunity within this program particularly its impact on increasing employability.


Affiliation: Skowhegan Adult and Community Education, Somerset County Jail