The Relationship Between Homework Completion, Perceptions of Homework Importance, and Technology

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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this mixed-methods research was to examine homework completion rates and student perception of homework value in one middle school mathematics classroom. Twenty-four 7th grade students from Windham Middle School participated in two conditions, and completed a pre- and post-survey regarding homework perceptions. The study was designed to compare traditional homework to iPad-based homework. The first condition was four weeks of paper and pencil homework, and the second condition was three weeks of iPad homework using the online math program IXL. Homework completion rates indicated that paper and pencil homework was completed more often than IXL homework. Survey results showed a student preference for paper and pencil over IXL. This research encourages conversations with colleagues, administrators, and students about the use of homework and professional development around designing effective homework. Further research is needed in the area of IXL effectiveness and general homework effectiveness.


Affiliation: RSU 14 Windham-Raymond Schools