The Relationship Between NWEA’s, DRA’s, and Educator’s Methods of Identifying Students who Qualify for Gifted and Talented Services

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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership


This mixed methods study was conducted in SAD #44 with teachers at the three elementary schools. It first examined the relationship between Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Scores and Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Score. Second, the study investigated methods used by teachers, as well as their opinion of identifying students for gifted and talented services. The data collected found a moderate correlation between the NWEA and DRA data in reading. It also found that NWEA and DRA scores were not identifying the same group of students for gifted and talented services. Lastly, it established that teachers use a range of methods to qualify students.


Affiliation: MSAD 44 Woodstock Elementary School