Using Transformative Experiences in a Science Class to Improve Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Biological Evolution and Promote Meaningful Classroom Experiences.

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Research Project

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Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership


For students within a high school science classroom content and understanding can become isolated within classroom walls, with little connection to everyday life. This 8-week mixed-methods study focused on using the Teaching for Transformative Experiences in Science (TTES) model in a 10th grade high school biology classroom in order to provide students with relevant experiences and enhance their understanding of biological evolution. The researcher found that through using the TTES model students’ conceptual understanding of the topic increased, they experienced positive emotions while studying the topic, and made connections to situations outside of the classroom. Further research needs to address how the TTES model could be applied to strengthen transformative experiences more often within all content areas taught at the high school level.