Date of Award


Document Type

Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership


This study collected data from teachers and math coaches in rural Maine schools to determine if working with a mathematics coach had an impact on teacher’s pedagogy. Participants were asked about their perception of whether coaching interactions impacted students understanding of mathematics. The design included interviews with four coaches who had been trained through the Maine Mathematics Coaching Project. Data from nineteen teachers was collected through surveys that were emailed to all teachers who had worked with the four coaches. Conclusions indicate that most coaches and teachers do believe that working with a mathematics coach has a positive impact on both teacher pedagogy and student understanding. Increased classroom discourse, greater use of questioning techniques, and stronger number sense due to increased use of research-based practices emerged as common trends in the findings from both sets of data.


Affiliation: STEM Specialist at Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance

Cohort: UMF Campus Cohort



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