Recipes 1935

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These recipes were compiled for the students and alumnae of the Home Econom­ics Department of the Farmington Normal School and for the students of Home Economics of the town of Farmlngton. Inasmuch as this is a first printlng, a not­ice of any error or omission will be greatly appreciated if sent to the Home Eco­nomics Department, State Normal School, Farmlngton, Maine.

Recipes compiled by

Mary Palmer

Helen E.Lockwood (1935)

beginning-Card6.pdf (1517 kB)
beginning - Card 6

Cards7-13.pdf (1588 kB)
Cards 7-13

Cards14-19.pdf (1400 kB)
Cards 14-19

Card20-end.pdf (1575 kB)
Card 20-end



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