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Spring 2020


For the second time we have come together as an honors program and de- cided to showcase students’ work. Our honors students drive and motivation here at Farmington goes beyond expectation. Time and time again students push limits and comfort zones to come up with amazing ideas, thoughts, and advice to their fellow students and themselves. In their works it is clear the power writing and art has in their expression. It is our special privilege to be able to showcase the bold, authetic works each of our contributors brought here for publication.

The University of Maine at Farmington Honors Journal has become a safe space for Honors students to simply do what they do best; to create. To imagine. In our second year publishing this journal we still have many obstacles to face, but we have learned from our six contributors, that there is perseverance, and strength in moving forward. In the dark times that this year has cast over us, may this Journal be a light for rejuvenation.

—The Editors, BrookLyn Miller and Makena Pauly


Table of Contents:

Foreword vi

Nik Shultz

“This Pain” 2

“Non-Eulcidean Geometry” 4

Isabella Weiland

Advice for Girls: The First Time A Father Goes to Prison 7

Caneel Cheskin

Impermenance 10

Sierra Zaharres

Discovering Philosophy 12

Brandon Martin

Untitled 18

Ana Rogers

Reviving Transcendentalism Through Food 20

References 30

Class Index 34



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