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Spring 2021


This marks our third Journal for the University of Maine at Farmington’s Honors Department. Looking back at the works submitted to us this year we no-ticed a common thread between them. The delicate thread we discovered was that our artists were working through things, whether that be the shape of the loss of a loved one or struggles with self identity. It became apparent as we read, that humans have the strength to overcome, to show growth and discover through writing and art different ways to cope and to identify. Their work has shown that our struggle during this pandemic was a unified one. These seven contributors have shown us through their own challenges, pan-demic related or personal, the will power to persevere through life’s obstacles. We hope this journal leads it’s readers down the path of overcoming difficulty. —The Editors, BrookLyn Miller and Makena Pauly


Table of Contents:

Foreword vi

Katherine Berube Artist Statement 1

“September 27th 2020” 2

Isabelle King Artist Statement 6

“Earth Now Aligned Sun By Moon” 7

“Across the Wide Waters” 8

Audrey Keith Art 9

Kayla Begin Artist Statement 11

Grief 12

Ben Berry Artist Statement 13

Predator and Prey 14

Audrey Keith Art 30

Spencer Arnold Failed Self Portrait painted with Feelings and Knowledge 32

Emily Eaton Artist Statement 35

Urbanization and Climate Change in Bangladesh and Nigeria 36

References 50

Class Index 52

Table of Contents.pdf (43 kB)
Table of Contents

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Katherine Berube

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Isabelle King

Audrey Keith Art.pdf (222 kB)
Audrey Keith

Kayla Begin.pdf (59 kB)
Kayla Begin

Ben Berry.pdf (142 kB)
Ben Berry

Spencer Arnold.pdf (71 kB)
Spencer Arnold

Emily Eaton.pdf (533 kB)
Emily Eaton

Class List and Contributors.pdf (63 kB)
Class List and Contributors



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