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Hello again everyone,

Thank you for taking a second to look at our wonderful showcase of students artwork. One thing the two of us touched on during this editing process was the beauty in self reflection. Which is why we immediately knew that this collection of our fellow creative peers’ works repsresented an deep introspective exploration of self. And that deeply personal reflection is what we kept in mind as we continued to compile and think about these pieces. It is proven in the following pages that the work of a creative uncovering themselves is never done, and that there is so much more growth that comes from memory or heritage. We hope you enjoy these works as much as we have.


BrookLyn Miller

Madisyn Smith


Table of Contents

Foreword vi

Daniela Lilly Rodiles

Artist Statement 1

I remember it all now 2

A second 4

Identidad 5

Zack LaFlamme

Artist Statement 6

More Credit 7

Lost Ahead 8

Why Am I? 9

Change in Time 10

Green Eyes 11

Abysnee J. Pelitar Artist Statement 12

Before After 13 Sophie Therrien

Artist Statement 15

Endometriosis 16

Samuel Grant

Artist Statement 17

The Social Effects of the Red Scare and the Perception of Socialism in the 21st Century 18

References 32

Class Index 35

Table of Contents.pdf (27 kB)
Table of Contents

Foreword.pdf (29 kB)

Daniela Lilly Rodiles.pdf (35 kB)
Daniela Lilly Rodiles, Poetry

Zack LaFlamme.pdf (467 kB)
Zack LaFlamee, Artwork

Abyssnee J. Pelitar.pdf (29 kB)
Abyssnee J. Pelitar, Poetry

Sophie Therrien.pdf (125 kB)
Sophie Therrien, Artwork

Samuel Grant.pdf (123 kB)
Samuel Grant, The Social Effects of the Red Scare

contributors.pdf (26 kB)
Class Index and Contributors



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