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Spring 2023


Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to look at the work of some of the wonderful students here at the University of Maine at Farmington. These pieces showcase both personal works, as well as works for specific classes. There was a recurring theme of identity throughout many of the submissions seen here in this journal, so to play off of last year's Why Am I?, the 2023 Honors Journal brings you Who I Am. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I have.

Sincerely, Madisyn Smith


Table of Contents

Foreword iii

Caeden Bross

Artist Statement 1

Income Inequality 2

Sammantha Macomber

Artist Statement 6


Connor Haskell

Artist Statement 8

Length ≠ Quality 9

Emma Bryant

Artist Statement 10

Dysmorphia 11

Gabriel Glidden

Artist Statement 12

If You are Struggling, Try Chuckling: Physiological Impacts of Simulated Laughter 13

Artist Statement 18

Collaged Path 19

Emalyn Remington

Artist Statement 20

Trying to Explain My Anxiety to My Doctor 21

Dancing Girl 22

Emma Marsh

Artist Statement 23

Young Love 24

Genevieve Feeney

Artist Statement 25

My Bestie ED 26

Jackson Dupont

Artist Statement 28

How to Coach Baseball 29

References 30

Class Index 32

Table of Contents.pdf (30 kB)
Table of Contents

Forward.pdf (38 kB)

Caeden Bross.pdf (79 kB)
Caeden Bross

Sammantha Macomber.pdf (34 kB)
Sammantha Macomber

Connor Haskell.pdf (52 kB)
Connor Haskell

Emma Bryant.pdf (55 kB)
Emma Bryant

Gabriel Glidden.pdf (364 kB)
Gabriel Glidden

Emalyn Remington.pdf (52 kB)
Emalyn Remington

Emma Marsh.pdf (35 kB)
Emma Marsh

Genevieve Feeney.pdf (50 kB)
Genevieve Feeney

Jackson Dupont.pdf (35 kB)
Jackson Dupont

Class Index and Contributors.pdf (35 kB)
Class Index and Contributors



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