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Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Creative Project

First Advisor

Amy Neswald


An idea comes to my mind as a miniscule dot, representing my own expressions of fears, desires, or curiosities. This piece started with the idea of subtleness. A language that tells everything by what is not being said. I wanted to capitalize on this technique requiring a simple plot that would be able to dive deep into the many layers. Decisions can be a simple, yet complex topic as not only do you have to consider which is the right direction for you but also whatever you decide will put to rest the other option entirely. That is the conundrum that Annabelle faces as she discusses getting married to an emotionally abusive man. Meanwhile, Nell must decide if she should express her worries regarding Sam and simultaneously her fears regarding the future of their friendship or let Annabelle decide for herself.

Full artist's statement available as an additional file.

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Artist's statement