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Multi-Media Project

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Spring 2020


This video examines some of the characteristic phonetic differences between Japanese and English and points out major difficulties in pronunciation for Japanese learners of English.

English education in Japan focused on mainly reading and writing English for a long time, and little attention has been given to pronunciation teaching and to the development of effective strategies to address the problem (Saito, 2007). Therefore, Japanese learners of English tend to have difficulty in learning English pronunciation. In addition to that, English classes cannot always have native speakers of English as teachers and Japanese English teachers often lack self-confidence in English pronunciation (Saito, 2007). However, accuracy in English pronunciation is important to avoid miscommunication and negative social consequences.

This video focuses on the areas of vowels and a few consonant problems and how the pronunciation errors will occur for Japanese learners and introduce effective teaching strategies for Japanese learners and instructors.

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