Settlement Ecology of the Ancient Americas

Settlement Ecology of the Ancient Americas



"How did ancient societies of the Americas decide where to settle on the landscape? What were the specific social, cultural and environmental factors which mediated the placement and arrangement of different kinds of sites? In this volume, leading researchers address these questions by utilizing a settlement ecology approach for understanding the spatial arrangement of prehistoric settlement patterns across the Americas"--Provided by publisher



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Routledge, Taylor & Francis, Group


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archaeology, prehistoric peoples, settlement ecology, Americas


Archaeological Anthropology


Contents: Part 1. Overview -- Settlement ecology in the ancient Americas : an introduction / by Lucas C. Kellett and Eric E. Jones -- Part 2. North America -- The ecology of changing settlement patterns among Piedmont Village Tradition communities in southeastern North America, ad 800-1600 / by Eric E. Jones -- Settlement ecology at Singer-Moye : Mississippian history and demography in the southeastern United States / by Stefan Brannan and Jennifer Birch -- Settlement ecology in the precontact North American Southwest / by Scott E. Ingram -- Part 3. Central America -- Political-economic strategies and settlement ecology in the Mesoamerican Gulf lowlands : Olmec, Epi-Olmec, and Classic Period settlement in the El Mesón area of the eastern lower Papaloapan Basin, Veracruz, Mexico / by Michael L. Loughlin -- Climate, ecology, and social change in prehispanic northwestern Mesoamerica / by Michelle Elliot -- Agrarian and settlement ecology in the classic Maya lowlands : a comparative analysis of La Joyanca (Guatemala) and Río Bec (Mexico) / by Eva Lemonnier -- Identifying settlement variability in the Isthmo-Colombian area : alternative models from the Upper General Valley of the Diquis archaeological subregion / by Roberto Herrera -- Part 4. South America -- Chanka settlement ecology : disentangling settlement decision making during a time of risk in the Andean highlands / by Lucas C. Kellett -- Encountering forgotten landscapes : water, climate, and two millenia of settlement location choices in the Ica-Nasca region of southern coastal Peru / by Hendrik Van Gijseghem -- The organics of settlement patterns in Amazonia / by Fernando Almeida

Settlement Ecology of the Ancient Americas

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