Daisy In the Dark: a fantasy novel

Daisy In the Dark: a fantasy novel



Daisy Delatour has the usual problems. Her classes. Her job. Her weird friends. Her love life. Her mom’s bad habits. Her mom’s love life. Oh, and going into the Dungeons of Valen to seek the Lapis Circlet.

Daisy, an aspiring wizard and alchemist, and her best friends, a thief and a cleric, start off looking mostly for adventure. But they’re immediately caught up in the race to find the Circlet, caught up with new friends and new enemies and some which are neither or both: the brainless barbarian warriors, the smarmy archer guy, the blond frenemy enchantress, the enigmatic elf maiden, amidst hordes of orcs and goblins, monsters and dragons. The Circlet is found, defended from evil wizards, and returned to its presumed rightful owners. But a much more mysterious treasure beckons: not a Ring of Power, not a Wand of Wonders, not an amulet or an enchanted sword, just a plain-looking key planted in Daisy’s dream.

Daisy and the enigmatic elf, the redoubtable Zelin, become convinced that the key is important in some way beyond the reach of their world’s comprehension. And while it seems to have no magical qualities—it’s not even jewel-encrusted, it’s just a key—it does seem to have attracted other seekers, powerful people shrouded in mystery. Daisy and Zelin and their friends can’t let it fall into the wrong hands, which may mean any hands but their own. And to win it, they have to steal it from under the nose of Thyrssa the Black, the most dangerous dragon in Valen.

This is the story of how Daisy develops her skills, grows into her powers, and wins her boon, while navigating the minefield of the end of her teenage years, finding love, losing it, finding it again, and finding friendship as her life finally shows signs of meaning something. - from Amazon


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fantasy, sword and sorcery, mythology, folk tales



Daisy In the Dark: a fantasy novel