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Zoom Interview with Linda Britt
Linda Britt and Margaret Chase Smith Library


Zoom Interview with Jim Melcher
James P. Melcher and Margaret Chase Smith Library


Constitution Day 2019
James P. Melcher


Fedco Seeds 1989
Fedco Seeds


Settlement Ecology of the Ancient Americas
Lucas C. Kellett, ed. and Eric E. Jones, ed.


Teaching Matters, Volume 3 : Essays by Faculty and Staff of the University of Maine at Farmington
Linda Britt (editor), Edward Serna, Theresa Overall, Aaron Wyanski, Anne Marie Wolf, Kathryn WIll, Laurie MacWhinnie, Luann Yetter, Linda Beck, Jesse Minor, Sarah Carnahan, Courtney Benjamin, Karol Maybury, Mary Ellms, Cara Furman, Jayne Decker, Jonathan Cohen, Steven Quackenbush, and Natasha Lekes


Tributary : Poems
Carey Salerno


Little Arias
Kristen Case


Presidential Swing States
David A. Schultz ed., Rafael Jacob ed., James P. Melcher (chapter 14), and Amy Fried (chapter 14)


Who Will Care for the Dead?
Gaelyn Aguilar


Wait : poems from the pandemic
Jeri Theriault, ed.; Doug Rawlings, contributor; Philip Carlson, contributor; and Jeffrey Thomson, contributor


Daisy in the Dark
Paul J. Gies

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