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Branches showcases student work from across the “disciplines” that make up the interconnected web of learning at a liberal arts university such as UMF. Reading through it, you’ll see what a vibrant intellectual and creative community we have created; all the branches of the tree of knowledge complement and inform one another, creating an organic whole that is truly more than the sum of its parts. This vision of an education has its roots in Classical Greece, where philosophers believed that knowledge gained through broad study across the arts, sciences, and philosophy was essential for creating free citizens who would be able to function productively in society by making their own informed choices based on critical thinking, rather than on unfounded beliefs or superstitions.

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student works, creative writing, creative non-fiction


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Branches: A University of Maine Farmington Anthology Celebrating Work from Students Across the Arts & Humanities, Sciences, and Education

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