Date of Award


Document Type

Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Brian Cavanaugh


Recently, math coaching has begun to be utilized in pockets of communities throughout the country. Coaching is a strategy that can be used to provide on site, continual professional development in a specific area. Although it has been used in literacy for decades, it is new to the area of math. Therefore, research on the effect of math coaching has been limited. There have been a handful of initial studies investigating the relationship between math coaching and teacher knowledge or student achievement, but the results are often conflicting (Althuser, 2015; Killion, 2017; Kutaka et al., 2017; Obara, 2010).

By learning more about how coaching impacts teaching practices and which types of professional development have the most impact, we can better determine for districts how to utilize resources to support teachers as they work to implement best practices that will ultimately lead to improved student achievement.



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