Beyond Memos: A Journal of the UMF Faculty

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Fall 1989


Beyond Memos is meant to be just that -- a forum where UMF faculty can share ideas and creative work that go beyond the day-to-day campus routine to teaching, advising, committees, and memos. We welcome submission of anything of general interest: poems, stories, essays, drawings, photographs, interviews, humorous pieces, etc.



3 In Praise of the King Cobra - Alice Bloom

6. Five Poems. -Doug Rawlings

10. Drawing. - Maggy Anderson

11. The Dance. - Carol Wyckoff

15. Birthday Greeting - Philip Carlsen

16. The DJ's Short Career. - A. Bruce Dean

20. The cloning of Shakespeare's Young Man. - J. Karl Franson

22. Down the Upscale Road. - William G. Sayres

5, 12, 19, 23. Equestrian and Cow Photographs -Marilyn Shea

Alice Bloom p.3-4.pdf (1342 kB)
In Praise of the King Cobra -Alice Bloom

Five Poems p.6-9.pdf (724 kB)
Five Poems - Doug Rawlings

Drawing p.10.pdf (81 kB)
Drawing - Maggy Anderson

Dance&BirthdayGreeting p.11-15.pdf (2625 kB)
The Dance - Carol Wycoff and Birthday Greeting - Philip Carlsen

DJ'sShortCareer p.16-18.pdf (349 kB)
The DJ's Short Career - A. Bruce Dean

TheCloning p.20-21.pdf (137 kB)
The Cloning of Shakespeare's Young Man - J. Karl Franson

DownTheUpscaleRoad p. 22-23.pdf (231 kB)
Down the Upscale Road - William G. Sayres

horses&cow.pdf (265 kB)
Equestrian and Cow Photographs - Marilyn Shea



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