Research Projects from 2019


Barriers to Parental Involvement, Emily J. Berry

Linking Phonological Awareness and Reading Abilities, Victoria Cloutier

Teacher Retention in Early Childhood Settings, Justina Dill


The decline of Family Child Care in Maine, Tammy Dwyer

Parent and Teacher Perceptions on the Use of Mobile Applications for Communication, Danielle Lambert

Screen Time at Home and Literacy Outcomes of Young Children, Marjorie Lee


Full Day Play vs. Part Day Play, Ashley McDonald

Aggressive Behavior in the Social Dramatic Play Area, Veronica Penniman Perry

The Effects of Brain Gym Exercises on Letter Identification, Sara Spear


Assessing Adult Perceptions of Sexual Behavior in the Early Childhood Setting, Jamie Spencer

Singing with Children: The Climate and Culture of Song in Early Childhood Classrooms, Kaylee Trefethen

Research Projects from 2017


Exploring the Relationship Between Preschool Teacher Perceptions of Positive Teacher-Child Relationships and Classroom Practice, Bethany Bilodeau


Influence of Family Style Meals on Self-Regulation in Preschool Children, Katherine Chandler

The Influence of Home Literacy Activities on Children’s Reading Performance, Samantha Crawford

The Effects of Teacher Gender on Children’s Behavior, Marsha Demers


Influential Factors Determine Parental Choice for Preschool Selection, Emily Dustin

Play and Social-Emotional Behaviors, Jasmine Estes


Is There a Relationship Between Home Literacy Environments and First Grade Reading Levels?, Tiffany Frost

Approaches to Delivering Assessments within PreKindergarten Classrooms and Children’s Evidence of Letter Identification, Jessica Lyons McMichael


Children’s Use of Books During the School Day and the Home Literacy Environment, Mary Maxfield


Exploring the Connection Between Physical Activity and On-Task Behavior of Kindergarten Students, JoAnn Meyer


Developing Risk Assessment Skills: The Role of Parental Attitudes and Nature Play, Emily Murray

Does Free Play vs. Teacher-Directed Play Affect Emotional Behavior in Young Children?, Gretchen Parlin


Exploring Technology Usage at Home and the Relationship to the Development of the Tripod Grasp in Kindergarten Age Students, Courtney Schools

The Association Between Playful Learning at Home and School and the Development of Number Sense, Susan Shea

Social Emotional Development and the use of the Pyramid Model in a Head Start Prek Collaboration Program, Nykki Stevens


Social Interaction and Interactive Technology in the Preschool Classroom, Kristina Tobey

Research Projects from 2015

Investigating the Effects of an Early Reading Intervention on At-Risk Kindergarteners, Jessica Black

Making Space for Place: Exploring Place-based Education at an Island Community School, Amanda LaBelle

The Effects of Freeplay on Self-Regulatory Skill Development, Michelle Laliberte

Accuracy of Teacher Predictions, Juliana Liberman

The Effect on Preschool Children’s Social and Emotional Behavior After the Implementation of the Opening the World of Learning (OWL) Curriculum, Alison Michaud

Getting Back to the Roots: Parent Attitudes and Nature-Play, Kelly Payeur

The Impact of Curriculum and Coaching Supports in Supporting Quality Improvement in Classrooms, Penny Poolman

Intentional Touch in the Preschool Classroom: A Teacher’s Influence, Gabrielle Thérèse Potvin

Adverse Childhood Experiences Based Parenting Training: a case study, Elisa Sousa

The Effects of Music on Children’s Sleep Patterns at Naptime in an Infant/Toddler Classroom, Megan Waterman

Research Projects from 2013

Intentional Family Engagement in Early Childhood Programs, Sara J. Boilard

What is the Impact of Daily Math Homework on Students in First Grade?, Donna Brown

Emergent Authors Writing Center: An Innovative Teaching Approach in a Pre-Kindergarten Classroom, Janel Goodman

Big Muscles, Little Muscles: A Qualitative Study on Children’s Outdoor Play in a Public Preschool Playground, Marga Hutchinson

Aquatic Therapy: An Alternate Therapy for a Child with Autism, Kayla McGrath

The Role of Storytelling and Story Reading in Preschool Classrooms: An Investigation, Tekia Moore

Small Group Literacy Strategies in Kindergarten:A Study of the Effectiveness of Small Group and Focused Instruction forImproving Fluency in Letter Identification and Letter Sounds, Melissa Trider