Submissions from 2019


Maine’s 2018 Election: Bonds Continue to Hold, James Melcher

The "two Maines" in a (potentially) new swing state, James P. Melcher and Amy Fried

1:1—The Power of Working with One Child to Develop Child Centered Pedagogy for Literacy Instruction in Teacher Education, Kathryn Will-Dubyak

Submissions from 2018

Fengshui forests and village landscapes in China: Geographic extent, socioecological significance, and conservation prospects, Bixia Chen, Chris Coggins, Minor Jesse, and Yaoqi Zhang


Fengshui Forests as A Socio-natural Reservoir in the Face of Climate Change and Environmental Transformation, Chris Coggins and Jesse Minor

China’s community Fengshui forests: Spiritual ecology and nature conservation, Chris Coggins, Jesse Minor, Bixia Chen, Yaoqi Zhang, Peter Tiso, James Lam, and Cem Gultekin

Smokey Bear and the pyropolitics of United States forest governance, Jesse Minor and Geoffrey A. Boyce

Submissions from 2017


The Sitting with Jane Art Trail: Celebrating Jane Austen, Basingstoke, and Literary Tourism, Misty Krueger

Vengeance, Vows, and “Heroick Vertue”: Reforming the Revenger in Delarivier Manley’s Almyna: or, The Arabian Vow, Misty Krueger


Fire severity and regeneration strategy influence shrub patch size and structure following disturbance, Jesse Minor, Donald Falk, and Greg Barron-Gafford


Bonaventura Cavalieri and the CSHPM Logo, Michael Molinsky

Submissions from 2016


What Bonds Hold? An Examination of Statewide Bond Referenda in Maine and Other States, James Melcher

Submissions from 2015


Creating Adaptations in a Long Eighteenth-Century Literature Course, Misty Krueger

From Marginalia to Juvenilia: Jane Austen's Vindication of the Stuarts, Misty Krueger


Mansfield Park Comes to Life: Teaching and Staging Elizabeth Inchbald’s Lovers’ Vows in an Austen Course, Misty Krueger


The Products of Intertextuality: The Value of Student Adaptations in a Literature Course, Misty Krueger


Trimming and Planing Rough-Cut Wood For Efficient Dendrochronological Sample Preparation and Storage, Jesse Minor and Alexis H. Arizpe


Some Original Sources for Modern Tales of Thales, Michael Molinsky

Submissions from 2014


Teaching Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries, Misty Krueger


Editors' Note: Teaching Austen and Her Contemporaries, Misty Krueger, Bridget Draxler, and Susan Allen Ford

Submissions from 2013

The Rhetoric of Rape: William Blake’s Visions of the Daughters of Albion as Eighteenth-Century Rape Trial, Misty Krueger