Research Projects from 2018


Meeting The Technology Demands of The 21st Century Student, Angela Bernier


The Impact of Mathematics Coaching on Teacher Pedagogy and Student Understanding in Rural School Districts, Renee Bouchard Charette

Understanding Teachers’ Perceptions of Digital Natives: How Do Teachers Perceive Digital Natives in Their Classrooms?, Laura Columbia


Teaching Time Management in the Proficiency Based Classroom, Julie Conrad

The Impact of Parent Involvement on Students’ Mathematical Mindset, Jennifer Daniels

Improving Student Efficacy, Motivation, and Engagement Through the Use of Authentic Writing Tasks and Prewriting Conferences, Melissa Sturgis Elie


Utilizing Technology to Increase Math Achievement, Aimee Goff

College Success: Persistence and Retention of Upward Bound Low-Income First-Generation Students During Their First Semester, Rene Gorneault


The Effect on Motivation and Confidence of the Art Student of Low Socioeconomic Status, Danielle Guerrette

Influences to Develop Gifted Students With Math Talent: The Math Affects, Nick Hart


Student Centered Approaches in High School Algebra, Jennifer L. Mahan

The Perceptions of Parents Related to the Special Education Process in a Rural Maine Public School, Amy McDaniel


Student Persistence and Factors which Affect Retention in Online Courses at a Small Rural College, Loni L. Nadeau

Movement in the Classroom: Breaks or Integrated Opportunities?, Kelly Nelson


Student-Perceived Authenticity of Learning Tasks in Proficiency-Based Education, Brandon Terrill

Standards Based Education: Effective Professional Development, Mark Thibodeau


The Impacts of Delayed Starts in Maine Schools, Tim Tweedie


Writing Center Use and Perception at Foxcroft Academy, Bridget Wright


Increasing Technology Engagement in the Mass Customized Secondary Classroom, Jeremy D. Young

Research Projects from 2017


Kindergarten Transitions: Family Perceptions of a Kindergarten Transition Program, Sarah Allen


Instructional Coaches in Maine, Lindsey Bickford

Reading in the 21st Century for Students with Individual Education Programs, Heidi Brennick

Using Technology to Build Math Fact Fluency for Learning Disabled Students and Their Non-Disabled Peers., Kelley Cloutier


Head Start Preschool Parent-Teacher Engagement and the Parent’s Transition to Kindergarten, Nicole Gagnon – Arsenault


Barriers to Student Achievement, Dewey Hernandez


Using Project Based Learning to Increase Motivation in a Seventh Grade Mathematics Proficiency Based Classroom, April King


Supporting Language and Literacy Development for All Students, Melissa McCrillis

School Health Education Advocacy and Support: Determining Strategies to Sustain a Comprehensive School Health Education Program, Maria Newcomb


The Relationship between Digital Portfolio Use, Parent-Teacher Communication, and its Effect on Home-Based Parental Involvement in Middle School, Rachel Toner

Understanding the Social and Emotional Student Needs at the Middle School Level: Perspectives of Middle School Classroom Teachers, Cheryl Walker


Incorporating Brief Functional Behavior Assessments in a Tier Two Behavior Intervention, Larissa Wing

Research Projects from 2016

Implementing Literacy Strategies to Improve Mathematics Achievement, Katherine Duchesne


Factors in School Choice And Parent Satisfaction At Cornville Regional Charter School, Philip Estabrook


Educator’s Perceptions of Effective Professional Learning Communities, Sandra Jamison


Supporting the Intrinsically Motivated Learner, Alison Attura Loud

The Effectiveness of Immediate Feedback on Young Children’s Writing Learning Progression, Judy Macomber


Making Lexia® Work: A Backward Design Approach to Helping Teachers Utilize Technology, Matthew McGreevy

Perceptions of Recess, Elisha Morris


Engagement Through Brain Breaks in the Secondary Classroom, Sheryl F. Morton

Fair Warning: Faculty Perceptions of an Early Alert System, Lawrence Ronco


Using Twitter to Promote Civic Education, Katelyn Ross

Research Projects from 2015


The Influence of a Flipped Classroom on Student Achievement, Homework Completion, and Student Perceptions in a High School Algebra 2 Class, Chelsae Arnold

How Flexible Groupings in Kindergarten May Affect Behavior, Nicole Ball

Alignment of the Eight Instructional Design Principles: Effective Mathematics Instruction and District Adopted Math Programs, Tara Blue


Why Beginning Teachers Persist in the Profession and the Impact of Induction and Mentoring, Laurie Catenese and Lee Harper


Day Treatment’s Impacts on Office Disciplinary Referrals and Attendance, Marian Harrison

Engaging the Alternative Learner: An Examination of Active Learning Practices within World History, Jeanette Jacobs


Systematic Phonics Instruction Within Word Study at the Primary Grades, Jennifer Ladd

Research Projects from 2014

Coaching secondary students’ historical inquiry and textual interpretation using a contrasting case intervention, Maryam Emami and Eleni Margaronis

Impacts of the Implementation of Standards-Based Education on Teacher Practice, Donald Ferrara

The Relationship Between Homework Completion, Perceptions of Homework Importance, and Technology, Heather Freeman

Perceptions of Adult Education: Two Case Studies From A Community Corrections Program, Susan Knight

The Correlation of Grades and Achievement in Standards-Based and Non-Standards-Based High School Science Classrooms as Measured by the Maine High School Assessment Science Test, Karl Matulis

The Relationship Between NWEA’s, DRA’s, and Educator’s Methods of Identifying Students who Qualify for Gifted and Talented Services, Tanya Nicols

Peer Mentoring As An Intervention For Ninth Grader Transition To High School, Walter L. Perry

Using Transformative Experiences in a Science Class to Improve Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Biological Evolution and Promote Meaningful Classroom Experiences., Jessica Ward

Research Projects from 2013

Dropping Like Flies: The High School Dropout’s Perspective, Melody Bickford

The Relationship Between Current ELL Programs and the High School Completion Rate, Erica Boudreau

The Relationship Between Current ELL Programs and the High School Completion Rate, Erica Boudreau

Testing the Longevity of Pedometer Interest in Physical Education for Second Grade, Leigh Crouteau

Testing the Longevity of Pedometer Interest in Physical Education for Second Grade, Leigh Crouteau

Differences in Achievement when Dynamic Geometry Software is compared to Traditional Instruction in an 8th Grade Math Classroom, Samantha Garnett

Differences in Achievement when Dynamic Geometry Software is compared to Traditional Instruction in an 8th Grade Math Classroom, Samantha Garnett

An Attendance Intervention: Using Technology to Involve Teachers and Parents, Sam Iggulden

An Attendance Intervention: Using Technology to Involve Teachers and Parents, Sam Iggulden

College Readiness: An Investigation into the Relationship of Preparedness between a High School Mathematics Curriculum and Entry into Credit-Bearing, College Level Mathematics Courses, Lisa Russell

The Effect of Presenting Social Stories™ on an iPad™ to Encourage Purposeful Communication in Children with Autism, Linda Szenes

Research Projects from 2012

Punishing Poverty: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Academic Achievement in Western Maine High Schools, Jennifer Baker, Megan Packard, and Heather Ross

Early Math Matters: Comparison of Kindergarten Screening Performance to Math Achievement Through Fourth Grade, Peggy Beach and Myrna Robinson

Content Validity and Standardization of The Maine Certified Early Childhood Teacher Assistant Certification Portfolio Assessment Tool, Jenny France

Creating Core Values Statements Through Stakeholder Involvement and Input, Zachary Longyear

A Comparison of Physical Dissection to Online Dissection: Do they promote scientific practices equally?, Linnea K. Mathews

Literacy trends of boys with low socioeconomic status, Tara Pelletier and Jennah Iggulden

Integrating Technology to Increase Student Engagement in the Classroom, Lindsay Williams

Integrating Web 2 tools into the classroom—A teacher based curriculum, Abigail Wood

Research Projects from 2011

The effectiveness of After School Programs for Rural, White Elementary Students in Maine, Stacey Augustine, Rhonda Hartford, Keith Martin, and Cynthia Stevens

Open Educational Resources: Leveraging the Opportunity of Laptops for Open Education in Maine, Amity Beane

School Intervention: Restructuring School Culture with a Focus on Student Achievement, James Black and Thomas Plourde

Teacher Efficacy and Content Literacy Strategies: Implications for Sustained Professional Development in High School, Jacob Bogar, Jocelyn Cahill, Hattie DeRaps, Samuel Dunbar, Meadow Sheldon, and Martha Whittle

The Gender Gap between Boys and Girls Achievement: A Look at Boys’ Perceptions and Their Experiences in Reading at the Elementary and High School Level, Ruth Brown and Kimberly Fuller

The Effects of Two Reading Interventions on Motivation Among Eighteen Rural Fourth Graders in Western Maine, Elizabeth Clarke

College Readiness in Writing, Maryellen Doughty and Margaret Nerney

The Value of a Professional Learning Community Model in Improving Primary Students Reading Achievement and Teachers Interest in Data Driven Decision Making, Joyce Elliott and Andrea York

Addressing Deficiencies in Writing Test Scores Among Elementary Students Through the use of a Common Writing Curriculum, Jessica Frazee and Mandy Pinard

Levels of Preschool Experiences Related to Success in Kindergarten, Lisa Gagnon and Christine Harrington

The Relationship of SMART Board Utilization in the Elementary Classroom to Mathematics Achievement, Teacher Perceptions of Student Engagement, and Classroom Use, Kelly Gilbert and Stacey Holman

The Impact of a Teacher Staying with the Same Students for Multiple Years – “Looping.”, Charmaine LaCasse

Parental Involvement in Homework and Student Achievement in one Low Economic School, Jenny MacIsaac

Teacher Evaluation Systems: Ten Evaluation Tools from Rural Maine, Jodie Mathers

The Benefits of Spanish as a Modern Language: A Case Study that Identifies the Benefits of Early Exposure to a World Language, Carlos Ochoa

Relating Academic Achievement in Reading Comprehension to Technology Integration in a First Grade Classroom, Alison Prescott

Supporting An Effective High School Afterschool Program: At-Risk 9th Graders Can Reach Academic and Social Success When Afterschool Support Is Available, Sarah Ricker

Experimental Study of Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Student Motivation Using Test Instructions as Independent Variables and Test Scores as Dependent Variables, Kurt Rowley